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Police Break Car Window At DUI Checkpoint (Video)

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After repeatedly ordering a man to lower his window at a DUI checkpoint in California, police broke the window and arrested the car’s two occupants for resisting arrest.

The incident was caught on video by the passenger, which was released last week even though the arrest took place in February.


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Comment by Don Duncan
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LEOs will not be expected to obey the law by the court.

The courts are part of the control system. The courts do not exist to protect, serve, or decide what is constitutional. The constitution would limit the gov if it were enforced, so the gov, acting through the courts, ignores the law of the land. The law enforcers believe they are above the law. The law is for the ruled, not the rulers. It's like that in every country and people support it. There is no "land of the free and home of the brave". That is a myth (lie) that people tell themselves to keep from facing the truth: they live in a fascist police state.