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David Icke: A Fork in The Road -- They Want To Trigger World War III

The agenda to attempt to inflame protests in the Middle East to trigger a World-wide conflict and how it has been planned and executed for years.

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Tyger, you reported a video -- "Fork in the Road (They Want To Trigger World III) -- that I, perhaps hundreds of us, have already listened to many times before. In the background you hear a stammering voice in English with a London accent that could only be heard through the Left side of the ears. They Right side couldn’t hear it.

The hate-voice accompanied by an angry music in the background, is in contempt of Tony Blair and George W. Bush – an irritating sound played over and over again like a broken record. The video screen project images of the Middle East War, and the anarchy of protest that spilled blood in the streets.

I don’t think that the American and British publics are stupid enough to believe that when U.K. and U.S. are preventing demonic Iran to develop atomic bombs to nuke Israel off the map is because "They want to trigger World III …". On the contrary, are they not in fact trying to prevent WW III that Islamofascists had planned to trigger up worldwide?

"Fork in The Road …" means that this Leftists propaganda implies that you are inside a car recklessly driving over a fork on the road and your tire is going to blow up and goodbye to you. It is a very poor analogy because the video talks of war, and in the battlefield, you are not driving a limousine that’s running on inflated rubber tires. In battle, at least you drive an armored tank that would crush any "fork in the road" or any re-enforced roadblock of that kind standing along the way.

Good try, Tyger. Next time, go get ‘em!

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