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Arizona universities won't permit medical pot on campus

• Arizona Republic
Despite the reform of medical-marijuana laws in Arizona, state university campuses will remain drug-free.
Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University exist due to programs provided by the federal government and will continue to be "under the jurisdiction thereof," said Sarah Harper, director of public affairs for the Arizona Board of Regents.

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Comment by Anonymous
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       I don't care if addiction is a cure to your problem.  Addiction, whether to Marijuana or sex, is NEVER a cure. Your addiction to this kind of "medicine" is better practiced elsewhere -- not inside the campus where smoking Marijuana is licensed to cure any kind of problem hundreds or even thousands of students have. That's how hippies of the 60s used drugs as a “cure” -- to escape their problems with the changing time ... to blunt the pain they felt for the killings in Vietnam. To make their addiction to dangerous drugs like LSD as their precious “medicine”, breeds the resurgence of drug addict mass murderers like Charles Manson.  The much publicized Manson multiple murders due to drug-dependency as a form of “cure” to his problem -- Manson claimed in an interview -- proved that being hooked up to grass or drugs is always a problem, which cures neither the addict nor the blamed problems of the time.


Comment by Anonymous
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There was a "mistake" in identifying the home that was raided? This claim was not verified. But let us assume the police bungled as to which house was the target of entry although as I said that would be very unlikely, that’s what you are going to do – can the bungling incompetent police intruders by going to court. The public will be happy if you can help reduce their tribe.

As you can see, these guys are fully armed and license to kill under the situation described, whether or not their coming over to your house was a mistake or right or wrong. But you never, never do an "o.k. coral" with them. That’s only in the movie, not in real life.

And here’s another guy commenting below, talking to us that if you Americans would not do an "o.k. coral shootout" with the cops, "you have turned out to be self-serving cowards." This lunacy is as bad as Larken Rose’s who wants you – not him – to shoot it out with the cops.

Besides, if you resist and do a shoot-out like that, you have only one man in the audience who gets an orgasm watching it – Larken Rose. Judging on his propensity to incite violence, his excitement comes from watching the showdown he recommends which one of you would first hit the ground dead.

While Gammill Powell was reporting this incident to highlight a one-track mind that only a dead cop is a good cop, a former Marine elected to arm himself and resisted a SWAT Team that came to his house [obviously the visit was not a social call] and "was shot sixty times". And who do you think would have enjoyed tremendously watching how this foolish Marine died – Larken. As an eye witness to the shooting, Larken would have written about this misguided Marine bravery as a patriot’s extraordinary struggle for liberty and freedom against the No. 1 Menace of mankind – the State.

Comment by Temper Bay
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 Well....since they consider themselves 'under the jurisdiction-' of the Federal Govt., then can apply to the Feds for all the monies they keep whining and crying to the State and cities for. 

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