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DC Flights Come to Screeching Halt After Woman Claims to Receive a Message from God

• The Blaze
The grounding of flights Sunday at Reagan National Airport was prompted by a woman who told an airport worker that there was a bomb aboard an airplane – a warning she later said she had received in a message from God.

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Comment by tittiger
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Since when in a Christian nation can you be locked up in a mental institution  for claiming that God talks to you?  What a shame.

Comment by Mike Haggard
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I’m not sure why, but something about the title of this article caught my eye, so I “clicked” on it to read more. If I had been paying closer attention, I could have observed the source of the article, as it is clearly listed directly below the title, and I would have avoided being directed to that site. Earlier this year, I cancelled my Sam’s Club membership due to Walmart’s affiliation with the Department of Homeland Security and their “See something, say something” big brother Orwellian campaign. Likewise, I have come to view Glen Beck as just another tool who has been compromised (or perhaps always only driven) by his desire for money and subsequently, I’ve chosen to boycott him and his “news” network. I commend Freedom’s Phoenix and their policy for posting all points of view regardless of source or ideological belief however, I would feel remiss if I did not utilize this opportunity to comment on the matter of Glen Beck and his latest enterprise The Blaze. As it is not my desire to simply complain without offering a solution, I will attempt to find the article in question from some other source and see if it will be reposted (as a link to the alternate source) as my way of providing those who may wish to do so, the means for reading the article while not adding to the volume of traffic on Glen Beck’s site.