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My Faith: Why I don't sing the 'Star Spangled Banner'

• by Mark Schloneger (for CNN)
I  choose to belong to a strange tribe. Goshen College, my alma mater, made national news this month when its board of directors decided that the “Star Spangled Banner” would not be played before athletic events.

As could be expected, the decision was met with confusion and contempt. Wasn’t this just another example of our traditional values being trampled by the unrelenting march of political correctness? What sort of ingrates object to our nation’s anthem, anyway? 

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Comment by PureTrust
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So, what is our nation? Is it the Constitution, the spirit of which the people don't seem to know and the Government seems to intentionally NOT follow? Is the agreement to disagree at every turn of the way if we so desire, so that now it comes down to little civil wars all over the place with violence ever increasing? Is our nation... for the children, as long as we get to abort them on demand? Is it perpetual military police-action against any nation of the world that the superrich decide is against their cause... $$$? Is it FREEDOM... but you are required to have a drivers license to transport your car from place to place under its own power, must force your kids to learn something as ridiculous as evolution in schools, can't freely smoke weed on your own land without fear of military reprisal, need to have state authorized ID to fly on public planes, can't start a formal church without a 501C3 number, and tons of other non-free requirements just to live in the land of the free?

The national anthem has become a song that promotes everything and anything that anybody or any group wants. And it is being used by those who want to promote the destruction of freedom to hide the fact of how un-free we have all become in America... the nation that was formerly the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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I didn't read the article, only the title. I get bored having to waste a few minutes b4 the Cards games and HS games, because of the playing of the Nat'l Anthem. But it is good propaganda and good for the State. QUIZ QUESTION: If we look at the Phx area, who are the biggest business patriots? ANSWER: Why it is the foreign car dealerships...The Japanese corporation, Toyota has the biggest America flag off of Bell Road, yes it is bigger than Ford's! ok...I am done for the day. Peace out my friends. RP4512

Comment by tittiger
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You should also add the pledge of allegiance that was written by a socialist and tries to indoctrinate children into accepting nationalism (not federalism) if you listen to the words.

Comment by Anonymous
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 They are not ingrates who refuse to sing the National Anthem -- they are rejects of the past that used to be in the woods of what love of Americans for their country means. Since the freedom of expression has been corrupted by the resurgence of the Left's revolutionary radicalism, singing the National Anthem is to them like an insect repellant. Now they only want to sing "Happy Days Are Here Again".