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ISPs Agree To Become Copyright Cops For RIAA And Co.

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Sick of the foot-dragging, the content associations just went Dirty Harry. No, they didn't take the law into their own hands – they bypassed it completely by forging a deal with the largest ISPs, who will now take a "graduated response" against file-sharers at the copyright owners' command.

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Comment by tittiger
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My ISP sent me a letter warning me of an alleged copy right violation.  They did not provide any information to help me try to track down or rectify the problem if it even existed such as the port number that this infraction occurred on. 

They really don't even provide any proff that the file was copy written or that that was what was allegidly DL  on my network.  For instance if a movie file is named "Superman" does that mean that the content was copy written?

It's  all kangaroo court stuff meant to make us all criminals.


Comment by Powell Gammill
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