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TSA Screener Brings Woman To Tears Through Aggressive Body Search

• Photography Is Not a Crime

At least the Transportation Security Administration official didn't prevent the man from videotaping a screener running her hands up and down the body of a female passenger to the point that she was in tears.

So maybe TSA is finally learning that videography is permitted at security checkpoints.


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Comment by German Rebell
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When will the US-Department of Homeland(UN)Security close the border, build a wall around the US and kill every American citizen who wants to escape from the prison, named United States of America? After they have hired Markus Wolf, the Stasi-Boss who has done the same in Germany and has tortured German people too, it should not take much longer until you have the same shit in the US, but you might have an electronic wall instead of a wall made of stones like we had in Berlin (Germany). And the stupid US-tax-payers paying millions to get enslaved from the US-government. Markus Wolf thought us in the GDR that he wants to destroy the US completely and now the US-Department of Homeland Security has hired him as an advisor... and is kicking out at the same time the people that did not follow the communist agenda in the GDR .... The US-Department of Homeland(UN)Security has given more then 1 Million USD p.a. for the advise from Stasi-Boss Markus Wolf how to enslave the people. Very interesting.... The US government hast tricked and cheated all of us. The have sponsored communism and then told us they are against communism. There is nothing outside more evil, dirty and ugly then the always lying, tricking and hurting state of evil, means USrael.

Comment by European pride
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Welcome in the USA, the land of the cowards and the slaves! Only masochists are still traveling into the US and only perverts are living there.

Comment by David Jackson
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    I thought only 14 year old and their date raping, Robotripping idols copped cheap feels these days.

   The TSA is just another Congressional boondoggle and embarrassmet. (I wouldn't be surprised if all the defrocked priests in the world weren't hired for a nationwide pre-school program with Casey Anthony as its czar...It's about what Washington is capable of.)

   I still don't know why anyone would fly with any of the commercial airlines; put up with the mindless and perverse security protocols, and pay the extreme fares. (Why not charter?) Driving a car, taking a train, or riding a bus - or, not going - all seem like better alternatives to being abused, fondled, and ohterwise demeand by some affirmative hire. What would anyone do if there were no airlines? Just fine, I suspect.


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