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Homeless Man Dies After Being Brutally Beaten by Five Fullerton Cops

• Reason magazine
Kelly Thomas' father, a retired Orange County police officer, did not recognize his own son when he went watch him die at the UC Irvine Medical Center after police beat him into a coma on July 5. The officers were responding to a call about vandalized cars when they found Thomas, a homeless schizophrenic, and attempted to search him. Thomas' father says his son may have been off his meds, which would explain why he resisted arrest. Nothing explains the gang-style murder committed by Fullerton cops. 

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Comment by tittiger
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 I think all these stories put Larkin Roses article   When Should You Shoot A Cop into perspective. It seems that with this type of lawlessness. A lawlessness that to me makes a charade of any concept of rule of law or justice. It seems that there would be all sorts  of discussions about solutions since the price to pay for doing nothing is so high. We can continue to do nothing and what WILL happen is that some Americans will get fed up and doing what should be done to these cops. (Dispensing justice)  This is what the powers that be want  and have planned for then they will call them terrorists (when just the opposite is true) and the war will be on. All I can say people is that we need to do something substantial and do it right now before this goes any further down hill. A start would be locking up of thousands of cops for multiple years. But how do we get there?



Comment by Ronald Whittaker
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 I hope Justice is done in this case. Cops always seem to get a pass on brutality. What happened here was worse than the Rodney King case and yet you don,t see the same sort of outrage from the media. I think it would be refreshing to see some of these punk cops of today have to do time and take their chances in the prison yard . Then we,ll see how well they hold up.

Comment by Hawkeye
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What do you expect from someone that was bread to be a cop?

Where do they come from?Who makes them?Where are they trained to think it`s ok to Kill?

Have they conditioned their own families to believe that they are doing the right thing?How can their children exist when others know what their Cop Parent will  Kills People just because they were taught that it is OK the KILL when their CO tells them to KILL?

Do Cops really have Human Parents? Where are these SOB`S from? Does anyone know these people?Where can one see these Killer Cops when they are not at work? Are the hung up in some kind of locker until needed?

I can not imagine being the child,or,even a family member of one of these things.I would never leave the house!!I could never face my friends knowing my parent was one of these cops..UNLESS! I was conditioned to believe in them,and what they do.

Who makes them?       Where do they come from? The COWARD AMERICANS will never do anything to stop it tho;unless you pay them.

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