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Rule: ‘Martial Law’ – Obama To Use Dictatorial Powers To Raise Debt Ceiling If Need Be

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The U.S. debt is totally out of control — now sitting at $14.3 Trillion, raising the debt ceiling will only buy a little more time until a massive crash takes place and total chaos ensues (economic and physical), a total fall of the republic.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Don't forget the proposed scheme: 2 x $1 Trillion dollar coins being minted under Executive Order and draw checks upon their "value."  As one wag said, 'why not just mint a $2 trillion dollar coin?'

And that the acknowledged debt is actually around 50% higher at $22 trillion once you count items kept off the books like finding all th "wars."

The bill's long overdue.  The powers that be have no intention of ceasing spending.  And their habit of borrowing ever more has proven the least painful way of accomplishing spending.  So that will be the method.  Of course the credit card limit will be raised---because CONgress controls the credit card limit.

If anyone still considers elections will fix anything you are way past not paying attention and are firmly living a delusion.  When you come to realize you can't fix anything it is time to peacefully kick back and enjoy the show.  Oh, and also withdraw your own assets as much as possible from the powers that be and the United States' economy.  Because the USA's currency is about to receive another devaluing very soon.  Gosh, it seems like only 5 years ago gold I was at $600 an ounce---now that is what I call devaluation of the currency (or THE hidden tax).

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