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Super Congress: The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Representative Democracy And Freedom As We Know It

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Cloaked in the fear surrounding the debt ceiling and a possible default is the most dangerous legislation that America has ever faced. If this passes, the Super Congress will make the PATRIOT Act look like a just and fair law. When six Republicans, six Democrats and the President have complete control over the legislature, we need to be concerned.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Meet the new Super Congress

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Perhaps it is time to seriously consider secession from the Union?

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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If it passes so what? It's not law at all.  Just ignore and nullify every single thing they do from now on.

Hear me folks?  Nullify every damn non-law that these criminals pass.

"The only way to win is not to play the game"