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Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster, Jennifer Jones Speak at Arizona Breakfast Club

• My videocamera and my YouTube channel
One of the longest, info-packed Breakfast Clubs I've been to where everyone was literally riveted to every word.
Ernie gives a solid background and makes connections in his own inimitible style, and then turns it over to Jennifer.  I have barely cracked into her extensive website and know that, given time, she could have given a fair amount of additional information for another couple of hours.  Likewise with the Mayor, but the Program is usually just so long.
Not this month. 

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Comment by Ducatijeanne
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Ed and Ernie, thank you very much for providing a video recording of this Breakfast Club event.  Since we couldn't attend the breakfast , we listened to every word of the video. Hope this video goes around the world as well.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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This is definitely worth the listen, and could have gone on some time longer as it just scratches the surface.  While this is just a little fiefdom, as Ernie said, what happens when all governments refuse to uphold their end by refusing to protect your individual Rights?

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