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100 Kilometer Towers Proposed as launch Mechanism

• arclein
Question: How did the concept of the Spaceshaft originate? The concept only emerged within the past five years or so. I was approached by a business partner who worked on offshore oil platforms. He was working on buoyant structures in the ocean, which he transposed into buoyant structures in the atmosphere. He called this concept SpaceShaft, and we believe that this concept could provide an inexpensive way to lift structures into space, using current technology.

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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Just curious. I don't see anything about the jet stream in this article. But I DO see the part about the equator being the place top set this up. Isn't the equatorial region the place where the jet stream is the wildest, moving as fast as 500 miles per hour at times?

Large diameter buoyancy rings would have the most surface area, would be most subject to the jet stream. Small diameter rings, with less "drag," could carry way less "payload."

I could imagine the telescoping rings to be bent way over at times, like a streamer in the wind. At best, it would be a very bumpy ride for any cargo and passengers.