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Michele Bachmann wins Ames straw poll; Paul very close second

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Bachmann, a representative from Minnesota, edged out Ron Paul, another representative, and rolled over the rest of the Republican field to capture the nonbinding Iowa mock election, a traditional early gage of organizational strength in the state that holds the first 2012 nominating contest.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Yeah, Don …RP wasting time and money on this donkey race ... why? Ask his butt-pushers ["they" or "them" -- butt-pushers].

"They" plaster his name all over the place all the time as if it is worth reading -- even though "they" knew that RP does not even have a Chinaman's chance of winning the presidential nomination race [proof: historical thrashing or dropping out of the race all those years!]. Ask those dog-race trainers …

RP should get off the hate-track, and look for a real political horse trainer to win the presidential nomination derby.

I always think of what RP should do and not do. Dr. Paul should reject mouthing the "expertise" of his pet-groomers’ street-economics making him appear like a beauty contestant in the presidential nomination pageant with a silicon breast that looks bigger and seductive than what’s real, as if "they" want the American people to believe that there is no difference between a doctor of medicine that he is, and a doctor of economics, which he is not.

Like when there is a zero and even a negative understanding of what "banking secrecy" means, which in Economics is actually economic security. If the Central Bank’s "confidential operations" are made that "transparent" as this obsession in Congress to "audit" the Federal Reserves, let alone abolish it, is being attempted to make it into law for public exposure, is not the way how to run the economy.

That would be catastrophic! The worst 1920s economic depression in the history of mankind was actually triggered by "panic". Study and know it by heart like I did.

These experiential studies and empirical science in Economics are written in time and carved in stone and especially studied by and known to Economic Ph.D.s, not to doctors of medicine! The American people are not that dumb not to notice this difference!

RP should get away from the haters of the System where "they" boxed him in as a tool to carry out "their" agenda through him.

Anyway, the number of Libertarian X-R3volutionaries behind this move, and the enemy within and the radical Left combined, is too mediocre or not good enough to make him win.

Finally, RP should purge himself of this idea that liberty is the freedom to destroy the established institutions of America. By rabidly sponsoring this idea …he only caters to those few rejects of our main society, who believed that their country – the United States of America – is an "Evil Empire" that they must destroy.

More of those weirdoes rob RP the chance of becoming president … like when he is president he would recreate America into a new country without a Central Bank or Federal Reserves, without an income tax, with a foreign policy that renounces U.S. leadership in International Affairs, abolishing the United Nations and turning this nation into a compulsive recluse with nationalistic fervor, and similar other ridiculous no-no. These are not real ... and could never, never, never happen in America!

In short, these are all but in a dream …distorted aspirations in Cloud 9 … unreal and extremely delusional!

But here’s where our ordinal nth moment of liberation lies: If we have a heart of a president like RP, and with his brilliant mind on the right track, I really believe that our hope for this country’s future survival is far from over!


Comment by Don Duncan
Entered on:

Why does anyone waste time on this "dog & pony show"? RP is wasting time and money. RP should be campaigning by appearing on "Freedom Watch", "Adam Vs. The Man", Colbert Report, Daily Show, ect. 

Comment by David Jackson
Entered on:

   She's pretty weak; but, considering the field, she's at least as viable as the others. It's pretty easy to look good, when your competition is so limp. I seem to remember something about "...a one-eyed man being a king in the kingdom of the blind..."

    If she wins anything, it certainly won't be because she is an experinced, erudite, intellectual chanpion of liberty and the so-called "American Way"; it will more than likely be because she is the best-bet "token". We've already had a "token"...It's a poor way to run a country!


Comment by Powell Gammill
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A different take:

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

The Snore …

The American people are yawning others are snoring over these mock election news because these are not only so dull and dry as biscuits but also meaningless. These are nothing but sound-bytes – a mock election or a mockery of the real election.

For example, headlining Ron Paul winning this and that straw polls or Michele Bachmann winning the Ames straw votes and Paul closely running second is less entertaining if at all, than the explanation at the end of this waste of time for many election years that had come and go why Ron Paul always dropped out or why he had never gotten the nomination – [and I am not a dreamer like the rest on his trail] that he ever will get the nomination – as any party’s candidate for U.S. President.

As a Libertarian of Reason I like Paul and I feel his frustrations all these years for not getting the presidential nomination – heart-rendering disappointments and annoyance --because his PR or promoters are thinking like juvenile delinquents in cloud nine, like blind-siding this potential president into believing that drinking raw milk is "freedom" for the rural organic food producers, and the "freedom" of any person to drink whatever they want and in the process to make a business of contracting Undulant Fever, Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria and spread an epidemic for profit over dead bodies! There are more of this kind that I hate to state here, I am sad to say, which makes him the only politician whose views as a maverick picture America’s real world – the economy, politics and system of government -- upside down! What these guys behind him want for America will never happen! What they have succeeded is making a joke caricature out of him that’s not even fun for me to watch and laugh at.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

Poor Pawlenty was a casualty the moment he told Michele "...stop it - you're killing us!" on TV.

Presidents are supposed to be nice to ladies...

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

First casualty:

Ex-Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty ends White House bid

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