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Iowa Straw Poll Stolen from Ron Paul

I have it from a very good source that virtually all the people involved in Ron's Iowa campaign, and who had worked for other candidates in previous straw polls, believe that Ron actually won, but the GOP establishment fixed the results to give it to the warmonger Bachmann. To the extent the media suspected this, they cheered. I'll tell you the strangest thing I noticed about the pool. I watched the poll results announce live on CNN. This is the way it went down. A GOP official steps onto the podium and says: Michelle Bachmann has won the Iowa straw poll. No mention of how many votes she received, no mention of Ron Paul coming in second, or how the other candidates performed. Just, "Michelle Bachmann has won the Iowa straw poll." When the official was then interviewed by CNN, the CNN anchor called him a "man of few words" and referenced his limited remarks at the podium They then went on to talk about Bachmann and Rick Perry.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Never mind who steals what from Ron Paul ... what's the big fuss anyway -- it is meaningless -- we are just here for the entertainment. Even wihtout this stealing, what really matters is the explanation why at the end Paul does not get the nomination!

Comment by David McElroy
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I believe Ron Paul is still suffering the GOP sandbagging treatment he has been getting for years. The TV news reports completely ignore his strong second place in the Iowa Straw Poll, never even mentioning his name. The mainstream media are always portraying the GOP contest as being Bachman v. Perry. They don't want us to even know Ron Paul is a contender. One talking head went so far as to say that all GOP candidates were on the same agenda, deliberately omitting Paul's stance which is leading him to a blacklisted victory. I fear for his life!  

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well duh, they did it in 2007, they did it less outright in 2011. So what? 

I agree with Daniel McAdams.  A razor close 2nd place got Paul more attention than winning it would get.   Especially now that the distant third place candidate dropped out.

The more they try the better for Paul.  They never learn.

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