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Corporate Media Admit They Censor Candidates Who Challenge the Status Quo

The big media simply delete Ron Paul from their polls, even though Paul scored very highly in the Ames Iowa straw poll - and virtually every poll taken recently. Indeed, CNN noted in May that Paul had the best chance of any Republican of beating Obama. "Not Electable" Is Code for "Challenges the Powers-That-Be" The pundits claim they are only censoring candidates who are "not electable". But just as "not politically feasible" is code for "the powers-that-be don't want it", "not electable" simply means that the candidate would champion the interests of the little guy, and challenge the powers-that-be: the large defense contractors, the giant banks, big pharma or the mega-energy producers. As Kara Miller notes, the media won't cover Ron Paul: because he doesn't fit the media narrative. He's anti-war and pro-small government .... Heavily influenced by each other, media outlets have sidelined Paul and embraced Bachmann .... Corporate Media Always Serves the Rich and Powerful, And Acts As A Booster for War In fact, the corporate media have long been presstitutes for the rich and powerful, and knee-jerk in supporters of all wars. They have always shut out candidates from either the left or right who challenge America's imperial wars, America's imbalanced policy towards Israel, the perpetual bailouts of the giant banks, Federal Reserve policy, or the inherent right of big corporations to do get all of the benefits of corporate personhood, without any of the responsibilities of being a person.

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Comment by David Jackson
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   Say it ain't so, Joe! You mean to say that there really isn't broad, fair, and full coverage of national orinternational events by the media. Horror of horrors! the so-called Fourth Estate is more corrupt than the corruption they support, simply because they could actually NOT DO IT! Politicians aren't even at the level of the much maligned "village idiot". I'd say that they can't help themselves, but the reality is that they don't want to, which makes them at least as bad as their fellow-travellers and the servile little pukes who support their treachery.

   The media are whores! (No disrespect to working girls. On their worst day, most are head and shoulders above the majority of politicos - personally, socially, ethically, morally!