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More Healthy Americans Will Slash Medicare

• arclein
ld disappear if the United States lowered prevalence of middle-aged obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension to European levels.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Just where and how are we supposed to come up with a "healthier population"? Aside from the few legitimate research programs that exist, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happning in the U.S. that might make anyone healthier!

     The government sold us out, over 50 years ago. Corporations don't give a damn how many of us they murder. Big Pharma continues to kill and maim, with impunity. Poverty, which is likely the highest causal factor of poor health, is rampant and stealing the health and well-being of generation after generation of our children and adults, combined.

      We (humans) are the most profitable natural resourse on earth...To a point.

       One thing the putrid government shills and their paid(ing) lackeys are sure of and counting on is that humans are "renewable". We are all dying from the day we are born, and those who view us as cattle, chattel, and resources don't much care when or how exactly we actually expire. (Look around. What can yu point to that tells you that ANY GOVERNMENT SCUMBAG is making life better for you or your loved ones? Selling out your neighbor to give you whatever your neighbor might claim as property or the fruits of labor doesn't count. Neither does stealing your neighbors wealth and keeping, selling, or distributing it as spoils.)

     With the aging of the "Baby Bummers", there will be no easing of any pressure on any part of the healthcare system. As government conspires with the the thieves of the Corporate World to fleece as many of us as possible out of as much as possible  - it's only likely to slow down if they slaughter too many of us, to fast, to be able to continue to turn a profit. As the nations and world's children mature with so man man-made and, subsequently, congenital physical maladies and diseases, there will be more and more prematurely dead and dying...The pressure will be extreme, on every facet of every health delivery and remediation system. (Think eugenics!)     


Comment by Powell Gammill
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As people starve they will lose weight ... and reduce Medicare costs.  Thanks for pointing out the silver lining; I was concerned.

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