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Descended From Apes, Acting As Slime Molds: Nathan Myhrvold

• Bloomberg

As we lurch from one high-stakes political drama to another, it is natural to wonder why societies aren’t better at avoiding self-inflicted crises. Here in the U.S. earlier this month, the government barely dodged default, even though economists reached consensus months ago on when the debt limit would need to be raised.

Meanwhile in Europe, one inadequate government response after another has all but assured that anxiety over the solvency of Greece and the creditworthiness of Italy and Spain will continue to fester, roiling global markets and pushing the European Union to the brink of ruin.

Pundits have been referring to these spectacles as “train wrecks,” as if they happen at high speed. Hardly. These trains are moving at inches an hour; for years, we’ve seen the potential accident ahead. So why do we end up with the tangled mess?


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Comment by PureTrust
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The slime mold analogy is quite an interesting one. Is society really like the slime mold? Do we as a society, or as groups of societies, really have no brain? Seems true, doesn't it.

However, we are not descended from apes, and slime mold does not hold some middle evolutionary ground. Every living creature was created by the Great Being that most people call "God."

God is still running the show, according to perfect wisdom. He is giving us what we ask for, according to perfect wisdom. He knows how to single out His enemies one at a time or nation  by nation, as necessary.

Where are we as a nation, trying to replace Him with evolution? Where are we as a nation, turning against many of His laws and ways? No wonder we are in danger.

There is comfort in remembering Abraham in the Bible. God told Abraham that if He found 10 righteous people in the populous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, He would not destroy that wicked place, for the sake of the 10 righteous.

But God finally did destroy, even, His beloved Jerusalem when they turned almost entirely against Him.

You lucky ungodly. You have been allowed a time of prosperity for the sake of the righteous remnant.