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Ron Paul The Anarchist


I love this video showing statements by Ron Paul that demonstrate his commitment to voluntary government.

Beautifully done.

All Austrian economists who believe in their work are anarcho-capitalists.

Voluntarism, Anarcho-capitalism, and Agorism, all mean roughly the same thing. I like to use the term Anarchism because it is such a volatile reaction provoking word. No rulers. It’s much more powerful than voluntarism.

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We hear the bell tolls as Ron Paul’s unreachable stars are fading and drifting farther away …

This Video perhaps explains vividly why this endless desire to get the presidential nomination and this dream to become president of the United States is Ron Paul’s unreachable stars that are fading and drifting farther away.

In this Video, it is shown that Ron Paul wants a "Voluntary Society", and for all Americans "Voluntarism" is his goal – whatever that means. He wants Government to stay out of the people’s life. This Video probably illustrates in unmistakable terms why in the mind of the Main Stream Media [MSM] Paul can never be president of the United States. This philosophy attracts a few haters of society, but repulses the majority of the people.

Well, to those who are interested to know, Voluntarism is a philosophy that puts emotion or the Will over and above Reason or the Intellect. This explains why people knew Paul is an emotional politician. In this philosophy, there is no concept of the need of Government to maintain peace and order, and the State and taxation do not exist …no national security as well as other forms of established democratic institutions, except those established by the ruling private firms or groups of individuals. You probably can imagine what kind of life that would be if by accident he becomes president.

Arthur Schopenhauer [1788-1869] a pessimist German philosopher is noted for his published doctoral dissertations describing this philosophy of the Will …that man’s Will does NOT fulfill emotional, physical and sexual desires, and that the only lifestyle to attain liberation is one that negates desire … like Eunuchs does to human sexual need.

In every opportunity possible, the more Paul’s promoters try very hard to banner-story him to bring him closer to the American public, the more that he is drifting away from MSM coverage, and miles and miles farther away from public attention that soon his presence would be even smaller than just a speck in the eye.


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