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A twenty-three-year-old man was shot and killed Tuesday morning while attempting to evade officers at his Point Lookout home. The shooting occurred about fifteen minutes to three that morning after Nassau County Police officers surrounded his home. He was a senior and psychology major at Queens College where he played baseball as an outfielder and catcher.

Officers from the Nassau County Police Department have told the press that he was the subject of a 911 call they received at roughly ten-thirty Monday night. They said that he had been kicked out of the Buoy Bar in Point Lookout, located just a quarter-mile away from his home.


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Comment by David Jackson
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    Who knows what happened? Me!

     Running from police didn't use to be a cpital offense, unless you were breaching the "Wall" in that politiacal cesspool, affectionately know as East Berlin, or trying to evade some punkass functionary in the USSR or China. Now it's business-as-usual in the U.S. and just about everywhere else.

    Why anyone would go to the Bahamas, except to go to the bathroom, is far beyond me. I've spent time there, and there is nothing of value. The "cops" are little more than bigots with badges and, if you get in trouble, you are likely to rue the day you made the trip. (The classic example is Natalie Holloway. There are other recent abuses of human rights and basic common sense, but they are just the tip of a melting iceberg! Go to Florida. The cops aren't the best, but your chances of getting a fair shake are massive by comparison.)

    First, don't drink and do drugs, beyond your capacity to control yourself. Don't ever run from an idiot cop: they all believe that their "job" demands respect, and they play the delusion to the hilt. You probably wouldn't piss on one of them if he/she was on fire, and you's likely be right; but, they are brainwashed to believe that "they are their authority" and must be treated accordingly. If you're in a foreighn setting, you're just another potential "money machine" and easy mark. The cops are usually as bad as the street trash and con artists who rely on tourist-types for their livelihood. Many years ago, there was a book entitled, "The Ugly American". I don't know how many people have read it or remember it, but the premise was that "Americans" were very ethnocentric, even outside of their own country, and were viewed with a jaundiced eye by most of the world's indigenous populations - not without cause. It was very close to correct, and the attitude toward "Americans" remains. If you have to travel, don't be an idiot about it; respect the rights and traditions of others; be mindful of the fact that everything in the world ISN'T premised on the American Way - thankfully. I don't care how "patriotic" you are, the citizens of other countries are propbably just as patriotic and proud of their heritage.

   In a reasonable culture, shooting a unarmed fleeing "felon", would be a felony, itself. In the on-going degenerative "world police state", it doesn't seem to be. (Hell, even a (suspected) "felon" with a knife, fleeing and not obviously a threat, would not constitute a potentially deadly response from a functional and competent authority: The young man was murdered by a gang of "legal thugs"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  Wake up, folks! 

Comment by James17
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"the incident resulted in a loss of a police officer by friendly fire." This is terrible for this family and that young man to lose his life at only 23, or for anyone to lose their life at whatever age because of trigger happy cops. This is also terrible for the family of the police officer that died at the hands by one of his own force. Maybe he or she was a bad cop, they know they are out there, and maybe not. No doubt this could have been handled in a different manner. Sooner or later this 23 year old would have run out of places to run to and there it could have been handled rightly. Get these foolish thug cops out of our police forces.

Comment by stupidamerkin
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EXCESSIVE FORCE MY ASS! These nazi bastards are out right murdering thugs PERIOD!!!! and there actions are always sanctioned by the dens of corruption. This is out out control across this country. When will these murdering criminal thugs with guns and badges come crashing through your door to kill you and your family? It's only a matter of time.

Twilight Zone on Steroids to the tenth power