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Deceit of Shakespearean Proportions


By Robert Scheer

Behold this unctuous knave, a disgrace to his nation as few before him, yet boasting unvarnished virtue. The deceit of Dick Cheney is indeed of Shakespearean proportions, as evidenced in his new memoir. For the former vice president, lying comes so easily that one must assume he takes the pursuit of truth to be nothing more than a reckless indulgence.

Here is a man who, more than anyone else in the Bush administration, trafficked in the campaign of deceit that caused tens of thousands to die, wasted trillions of dollars in resources and indelibly sullied the legacy of this nation through the practice of torture. Still this villain claims that, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the horrid methods he endorsed were a necessary response to the threat of Osama bin Laden. How convenient to ignore that it was Barack Obama, a resolutely anti-torture president, who made good on the promise of Cheney and the previous administration to take down the al-Qaida leader. 


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Comment by James Eldridge
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Here again we have someone that is trying to tell us that Osama bin Laden was killed in May of this year and that his body was buried at sea without the public being able to view the dead body. Why are these things coming out again when bin Laden died in December of 2001 according to all of the MSM news stations? Why, because there was that spoonful of poison in this article about the killing again of bin Laden being on Obama's watch. Something to put him back up on that pedestal he has fallen off of. In May when there was that raid where they say that they killed bin Laden again, the helicopter that was supposed to be carrying his body crashed. No other copter landed to pick up the body parts, so no body of Osama bin Laden could have been dumped at sea. 9/11 tenth anniversary is coming up and this is just MSM again helping to paint a false picture about something that didn't happen as the government liars are again trying to make the public look up to these guys as heroes and Obama protecting the nation. It is all another attempt to keep the forces of war going.