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Group wants to replace most if not all House incumbents in 2012

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Offshoot of the TEA Party movement sends out first email looking for donors to start attracting "citizen candidates" who will run in every race in the country as Republican or Democrat..or independent. Group endangers GOP majority in House.

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Comment by James Hyde
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Ah yes, the GOOOH supporters have risen to the bait and show how utterly indoctrinated they are into beliefs that hold not an ounce of truth. If the party establishments are the same and consist only of establishment mentality, then how, pray tell, did over 20 TEA Party sponsored candidates get elected to the House?

The fact is the parties are diverging. The GOP is well aware that it will lose its identity if it continues status quo and that it must not only accept, but embrace the grassroots movement or face annihilation as a political institution. And if the parties are the same, then why is there nothing but gridlock in Washington now.

GOOOH claims it's not a third party, but the comments tendered indicate the opposite and I knew they would. It IS out to replace both parties despite a see-through promise that it is not a 'political party." The problem is Tim Cox is 400,000 short of his membership goal, and he himself admits that his outlandish idea cannot succeed without 500,000 members. In fact, he has 100,000.

In the early days of his movement he was on Fox and other shows, but when his views were fully expressed on his Web site, neither Fox nor any other outlet would return his calls. Why? If the idea was so compelling, then why the cut off? The media had seen the lunacy of his idea as it exists now. With changes it could be a powerhouse. But the two comments placed completely belie assertions it's not a new party. In fact, they admit it .

 The 2012 election is the most important  election in U.S. History because we are fighting for the soul of this nation, and if we do not retain the GOP majority in the House, we stand to lose the country. It's that simple. Mr. Cox should try his idea in 2014, but not in 2012.

If he unleashes his automatons, and the GOP does not win, then he will be, in major part, responsible for the country going socialist all for the pursuit of his egomaniacal dream. 

Finally, the electorate is addicted to the two party system and views such organizations as GOOOH as fringe fanatics. They do, indeed represent a danger because it could be a very close series of elections. But to those who have commented, break free of your indoctrination and face reality. The country, as much as it dislikes the status quo, is not ready to embrace a new party, and Cox's denials aside, GOOOH is indeed very much a third party as is proven by the contents of the coments herein.

No one but a third party proponent would call both parties one and the same in the face of advances made by the TEA Party. But this also shows a departure from the TEA Party movement by GOOOH. Having followed this organization for years, I am compelled by none of it to embrace the concept, certainly not in 2012, although I may change my mind in 2014, for Cox's plan does have the makings of legitimacy. But it needs to be implemented at a less sensitive time politically, not in 2012 with so much at stake.

Comment by John Dalen
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It appears that Mr. Hyde is under the same delusional spell as most of the rest of the electorate, which is believing there is a difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties. In fact, any distinction is an illusion which can be clearly seen. Ladies and gentlemen, the emperor has no clothes! The Parties are like two legs appearing to move in opposition to each other, when in fact they are moving in the same direction. Many of the worst laws and Congressional acts that have resulted in less freedom and more government control have come from the Republican party. Remember the Patriot Act, and the government bailouts of the banks in 2008 -- yours, courtesy of the Republican Party. Plenty more examples can be found in simple internet searches. This game has been played for more than my 50+ years of life. And the People continue to do the same thing over and over expecting different results (a definition of insanity).  Therefore, GOOOH was founded to try something different (as envisioned by the Founding Fathers) in the hopes of saving our country for future generations.  Please join us!  Visit! Time is not on our side!  ~John Dalen

Comment by James Arft
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 The establishment supporting writer clearly lacks true understanding and his apparent mission is to label this group as intolerant.  What he fails to see is that it is the establishment office holders and establishment wanna bees are the true intolerants of the people and of this nation. 

This group is yet another example of how the go alongs grasp is loosening. 

The electorate is swirling and a tornado is coming.