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Rand Paul Slams Congressional “Circus” Over Deadlines And Shutdown Threats


“Democrats are insisting we borrow more money”

Steve Watson
Sept 27, 2011

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul appeared on CNN last night to inject some sense into the latest stand off between Republicans and Democrats over government spending and the deficit.

In light of the fact that a government shutdown has been only narrowly averted once again, this time regarding FEMA funding, Paul noted that debating important issues seems to have been almost completely lost amidst a culture of partisan stand offs on Capitol Hill.

“American people are upset because we keep bumping up against deadlines. It sort of looks like poor planning or it looks like a circus up here because we always bump up against deadlines.” Paul told CNN host John King.

“But I can tell you I’m up here day after day not voting, sitting around, having no debate and then the deadline comes and it’s hurry up or the government shuts down.” Paul added.


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Comment by Hawkeye
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I ask Rand why his father has not ask Mitt about the Fake Companies/Donations but he never answered.It very strange that not one of the candidates has ask Mitt to explain.

Maybe they`re all in on it together,the Take Over I mean.