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The Fleeting Comfort of Familiar Lies

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Familiar lies. We all live with them. These are the lies that we were brought up with. The ones that we rely on to be true in our corner of the universe. The ones that comfort us with their familiarity and social acceptance. That is, until that moment when we learn that just one of those “truths” was indeed, a lie. 

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Comment by Anonymous
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To this lefty radical author: You did a lot of lying in this rant you wrote.Your lie is the real lie that I could no longer take.

Comment by Anonymous
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Idiotically funny but nevertheless outrageous …!

I find this writing and accompanying comment outrageously funny. It seems that what their parents had told them about who they are and what the world, where they were brought up was, to them were ALL LIES. It is outrageous and at the same time extremely ridiculous because whose lie is the truth? It is only theirs, they claim [their lie is the truth, this they want people to believe]. These guys really, really believe that all others are lying when they tell the truth!

This is why this wayward notion is extremely distorted: That the parents, grandparents and teachers are supporting "the powers that be" [who the hell is that ???] that controls and maintains lying "to become the very foundation of our culture and social consensus…" From what learning or which corner of the academe did this big, badmouthing of our cultural and social mores come from, and what does this means – needs a psychiatrist to examine and cure. Maybe there is a chance that help can still be extended, especially to those who had escaped our numerous mental boot camps spread all over the country.

Comment by David Jackson
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 Kudos to Ms. Peterson!

 Sadly, she "speaks" the truth; no lie. Lies are only comforting because the truth isn't known; at least, for most people. In point of fact, if you don't know the difference, the lie is the truth: that's why the lies are so sick.

 I doubt most people could handle the truth - no pun meant. The powers that be rely so heavily on mythology and various prevarications (lies), and on the support of our friends, parents, grandparent, and 'teachers" in support of on-going slight of mind to maintain their control and manipulative powers that lies have become the very foundation of our culture and social consensus. That, by the way, is why I, personally, believe things don't work very well.

 Anyway, it's not likely to change. The system would fall apart and people would really take to the streets, if the TRUTH was known. You can expose most of the lies, simply by reading the right books and thinking for yourself. IT still won't change anything but your lifespan: you'll die young, as a result of high blood pressure and a lifetime of angst and distress.