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Occupying One Half of the Problem

• Free Patriot Press
Several weeks ago a mass protest began in New York City with the intent to Occupy Wall Street. The group wants to remove influence of corporations from elections. On October 6, Occupy groups from across the nation began to “occupy” certain parts of their city. Much like the “T(axed) E(nough) A(lready)” groups that formed in 2009, the Occupy groups are only seeing part of the problem. The “TEA parties” were only complaining about certain forms of taxation – the attendees and speakers were largely in favor of the “Fair Tax” and military intervention. I did attend one “TEA Party” and tried speaking to people about abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve and was mostly ignored or put off, even by the “Fair Taxers” - who don't seem to mind the spending so much as the form of taxation. I attended parts of the first two days of Occupy San Antonio – not as an activist, but rather as an independent journalist. As such, and being in street clothes without a press badge, I was able to get cand