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Naomi Wolf Arrested by the Nazis

October 19, 2011
Naomi Wolf Arrested by the Nazis

(No, it's not because Naomi is Jewish—at least not this time, but eventually this country will get there. Just ask some Muslim Americans.) The political activist, who has been interviewed by Lew Rockwell (here and here), was arrested last night at the OWS protest in Nazi York City because she had the temerity to question her public "servants" as to whether or not the protestors needed permission from their public "servants" in order to use a megaphone at the OWS protest.

Gee, I don't remember the public "servants" asking Naomi Wolf or any other protestor (i.e., the people they "serve") whether they needed permission to have megaphones (aka PA systems) in their squad cars.


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I wish Ms Wolf and her husb and or friend did not look so pleased. It makes no sense for cops to handcuff anyone who is not offering resistance. It i just humiliating. Get a copy of "Adventures in Legan Land" online. That will answer some of the questions others may have. Also, i have tracked at least one line of research that claims all cops are either Satanists or working for Chiefs who are Satanists. The lnks are loose, but some researchers have traced meetings of many police chiefs who traveled (all expensees-paid to Israel for training. Myself, I was able to find evidence on one traveling to Mexico City and signing his city of 250,000 on to Agenda 21 agreements. Folks! This is all being done locally. Please STOP wat)ching TV and absorbing all the nonse (bread and circuses), and STOP thinking the action is on the streets of New York. It is not! It is right in your own town. Your state reps, State senators, local mayors, cops or police chiefs are signing treaty agreements to put you into Agenda 21. Look up Agenda 21 if you do not know what it is.

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