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Officials Use Terror At High School To Clear Halls For Drug Search

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At Wolcott High School one morning this week, an urgent announcement crackled over the intercom: a threatening intruder was in the building and students were told to immediately take refuge in classrooms.

Doors were locked and police, with dogs, moved in. Students stayed huddled in classrooms where they were told to stay away from the windows.

But what sounded like a frightening situation was just a search for narcotics. Drug-sniffing dogs combed the school while students stayed in locked classrooms, believing that an attacker was roaming the halls.


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Comment by Ace Karter
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Going Overboard, AS USUAL with the local TOWN CLOWNS. THAT, is so far out of line it is pathetic BUT, in one respect, it teaches the younger generation to Hate the Police and KNOW just how STUPID Power Mongers really are

Comment by David Jackson
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      Where exactly are the concerned parents? Hiding their stashes?

       If any one of the students or anyone else had "filed" a false report, there'd be hell to pay. What is really going on is that the kids are just like the ret of us - owned by the state and its controlled or manipulated by the assholes inpower and their gestapo agents.

      As for kids not trusting authorities (cops), why the hell would they? If any of them have been paying attention, they know full-well that they are unpaid slaves and minions to the whims of whatever freakshow is leading the so-called political system in theire little piece of the National Concentration Camp.

     No doubt, the misfits in law enforcement can use all the training they can get:  They might do well to try literacy, first, by reading the Constitution. Or, failing that, they might revisit the oath of office that does't mean s--t to them.

     Look for more of this crap in a neighborhood near you!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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So, how come I never hear of these sorts of SWAT based drug searches at private schools?

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