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Contrary to popular belief, a vacuum is not devoid of material but in fact fizzles with tiny mysterious particles that pop in and out of existence, but at speeds so fast that no one has been able to prove they exist.

The Extreme Light Infrastructure Ultra-High Field Facility would produce a laser so intense that scientists say it would allow them to reveal these particles for the first time by pulling this vacuum “fabric” apart.

They also believe it could even allow them to prove whether extra-dimensions exist.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Decades ago - prior to the 1950s - the general understanding about the vacuum of outer space was that it was not a vacuum. Instead, outer space was filled with a substance called "the ether." This ether was not the chemical ether. It was a substance that allowed the propagation of electromagnetic waves through space, similar in some ways to the way air allows the propagation of sound waves.

Nowadays, we know about something that makes up around 98% of all the material in the heavens. We call it "dark matter." Nobody knows for sure what it is.

I think what science is going to find (though they may be unwilling to admit it) is that all space, including the space between the electrons and nuclei of atoms, is really an elastic solid that merely transfers all sorts of electromagnetic energy according to multitudes of laws of physics that we haven't found out about, yet. Note that the material of the atoms is really bordering on energy as well as material, something like light waves are both, energy and material.

When you delve into the realm of subatomic particles, you find out that our bodies - as is all material - are essentially made up of energy waves. These energy waves interact with each other and with other-phase and other-dimension energies, according to multitudes of highly complicated laws of physics that we don't know, but can only guess about. And it is all propagated through the ether, a substance which may itself be a form of dark matter.