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Exclusive: Credit Suisse will disclose names of U.S. clients

• Reuters
Credit Suisse AG, Switzerland's second-largest bank, has begun notifying certain U.S. clients suspected of offshore tax evasion that it intends to turn over their names to the Internal Revenue Service, with the help of Swiss tax authorities.

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Comment by Anonymous
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typo correction:  It was legal to kill a Mormon until the 70s.  Steve Davis and Ronald Regan supposedly turned it around.  He's the guy who told me personally that it was mostly CIA and Mormons and it was a gold heist melted down in Utah... From what I understand, there was a great deal of gold missing from the basement of twin towers that just disappeared.

Comment by Anonymous
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The Swiss went chickenshit in 2009 with a UBS settlement that went to the US DOJ.  $780 MILLION DOLLARS.  So Mr. J, right on.  Looks like more BS...

 I heard from a private investigator named Steve Davis (Steve actually knew Ronand Regan and made it illegal to shoot a Mormon in Missouri in the 702-it was legal) that it was gold melted down in Utah and about 52,000 American names were covered up (Mostly Mormon and ashkenazi jewish RICO --perhaps CIA?--affiliated with banksters)... if you google 9/11 gold heist, you can't help but see the dots connecting here... and the BS spread on this site...

Comment by David Jackson
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      I thought the Swiss went chickenshit years ago. I know I read an article, at least a decade ago, that complained that they had chickened out. I don't remember it saying what the U.S. government threatened them with, to get them to cave.

      Doesn't matter to me, I don't have any money. However, the Swiss should watch out:  With their "save haven" status in question, someone is apt to invade their elitisit little enclave. (What's a war criminal or butchering despot to do?)