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Lindsay Lohan Spends 5 Hours In Jail For No Good Reason

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Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Moore confirmed to Access Hollywood that the 25-year-old actress checked in at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynnwood, Calif., at 8:48 PM on Sunday and was booked at 8:50 PM. Lohan was then released at approximately 1:30 AM early Monday morning.

Deputy Moore did not have further details about Lohan’s booking, but numerous reports cite overcrowding for the reason behind her brief stint in jail.


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And what is up with promoting Atlas Shrugged?  I mean it is about people not giving a damn about other people.  So why so pushed?  I found the movie disturbing and socially manipulative and sick.  Like just a tool to overthrow the gov, like the Russians did and then did in Germany.  I smell rats all over the place... BS bigtime.

Comment by Anonymous
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First off, why does the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX keep using Lindsay and abusing her this way?  I mean, If I were her, dealing with Hollywood and all that crap, I'd be face down in the street as well!  Assuming that's even really her and not just another sleazy propaganda peace to make Americans turn cold and promote this BS.  If the social predators that run our banking systems, and various other monopolies like the oil companies were exposed anywhere even close for the crimes to humanity... BUT NO, THIS IS THE BULL SH_T THAT WE FOCUS ON!  JUST LIKE THEY LIKE US TO.  COME ON PEOPLE, WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS.  Mr. G, a low blow.   Shame on you. 

(In face, I do kind of know how it is to be a Linday... preyed on my sick men getting rich off of the Drug War Prison Industrial Complex~Modern day Nazi Germany)  They want us DESENSITIZED.