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Bernanke Says That Any Criticism Of The Federal Reserve Is Based On “Misconceptions”

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is taking his show on the road in at attempt to help Americans feel better about the Federal Reserve.  During a visit to the Fort Bliss headquarters of the Army’s 1st Armored Division this week, Bernanke held a town hall meeting during which he took questions from some of the soldiers.  Bernanke tried to sound as compassionate as possible as he assured the soldiers that the Federal Reserve is looking out for the American people and is doing everything that it can to help create jobs.  At one point, Bernanke even made the following statement: "For a lot of people, I know, it doesn't feel like the recession ever ended."  That probably helped a lot of people feel better.  A few probably even had a good cry.  But what Bernanke did not explain to the troops is that the Federal Reserve is very much responsible for the fact that unemployment is rampant, for the fact that the U.S. dollar is rapidly being devalued and for the fact that we have accumulated the largest national debt in the history of the world.

Ben Bernanke keeps insisting that the Federal Reserve has two main jobs (fighting inflation and keeping unemployment low) and that it is working incredibly hard to accomplish that dual mandate.  During his visit with the soldiers he told them that the Fed is very determined to create more jobs for the American people....


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Comment by kbee
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Such a smug, liar!!! If you haven't read "The Creature from Jekyll Island", you should!!  If you knew nothing about the history of the Federal Reserve, this book will open your eyes!  And along comes Herman Cain--just in the nick of time wouldn't you say?? His connection to the Federal Reserve alone, would make an informed person run backwards!

Comment by James17
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I’m shocked, just shocked to learn about these things. – Not really. I found these things out when I started to relearn true American history other then what we were taught in the U.S. public school system. It’s nice to see a few others here that are learning the truth, but when you stop to look at the rest of the people, they number into the tens of millions that don’t know these things and won’t lift their eyes to read about these truths to save themselves from being enslaved.