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Ron Paul's Real Electability: Stopping The Third Party Threat

"For Ron Paul to run as an independent," Fox News Channel's Juan Williams wrote back on November 4, "could be the biggest, most consequential third party candidacy in American history. Yes, one that is even bigger than Ross Perot’s candidacy was in the 90s."

Persistent talk about a Ron Paul third party candidacy by some may be an attempt to sabotage Dr. Paul's GOP candidacy and enable establishment candidates who support banking bailouts and irresponsible foreign military intervention to win the nomination. Paul has stated he won't run an independent race for the presidency. But serious analysis of the 2012 presidential race indicates that a major independent challenge is all but certain this year without an anti-bailout candidate such as Paul winning the GOP nomination.

Indeed, a significant third party candidacy need not be headlined by Ron Paul. Plenty of third party candidate possibilities dot the political horizon, each of whom could draw 5-15 percent of the popular vote (or more) and a significant percentage of conservative and independent voters. More on those possible candidates later. But first, let's outline a few basic facts about the 2012 presidential election.


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Comment by Psychictaxi
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In your latest hilarious attempt to equate Ron paul with Obama, both Bushes, and Clinton (!!!)...

To steal a line from FED Shill Herman Cain: "You're mixing apples with oranges."

Rotten apples at that - with a Valencia navel!


Comment by PureTrust
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Yabut, arguments, shmarguments. Do Presidents ever keep their pre-election platform word?

Did Obama ever get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Did he ever keep the spirit of that election promise by not aiming us for further wars?

And what about the Bush father-son duo? Perhaps you know of some good promises they kept. But consider their father/grandfather who was a major Hitler supporter. That the Bush duo even had the gall to show their faces after being born into such a family proves that they were total hypocritical liars.

And Clinton. Was there ever such a puppet? Did he ever do anything on his own where the strings weren't being pulled by who knows whom? Perhaps even Monica was part of the cover-up he was pulling on America.

Who is the most honest and forthright of all the candidate potentials? And which of them will uphold his election platform promises?

If Ron Paul gets elected, and if he truly attempts the things that he has been speaking - platform or non-platform - OUR work is just starting. I mean, we the people who have been promoting him. We need to become even more diligent in our activities to straighten out America. RP just might be the last easy chance we have for freedom.