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Gingrich: ‘No such thing as 99%’

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Newly minted frontrunner New Gingrich became the latest Republican to get “mic checked” by the Occupy movement at a campaign event in Jacksonville, Florida Thursday.

One tea party supporter agreed with Gingrich that the current 99 Percent protests were “destructive” to America.

“Do you have a directive — do you have a statement that you would make to that movement [as president]?” the man asked.
“There is a strain of hostile people on the left organized across the country who believe in trashing things, believe in destroying things,” Gingrich replied. “Who do they think paid for the park they are sleeping in? Who do they thing paid for the bathroom they want to use? Who do they think paid for the food they’re eating?”

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Comment by GrandPoobah
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The entire TEA party is based on a lie. Taxed enough already??? Really? Compared to who, where, when, what? Compared to the rest of the first world, and to ourselves when we were actually the economic leaders of the first world (as opposed to in 5th or 10 place now on a per person basis) we have the lowest taxes in the past 50 years and compared with other nations. If low taxes resulted in more jobs, then there would be job shortages. So let me say it again. the TEA party is a life from the start.