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Conservatives Side With Pepper-Spraying Thugs

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If you want to know which of your friends or neighbors believe in a free and humane society and which ones believe in a police state, show them the now-gone-viral video of a riot-gear-clad University of California-Davis police officer dousing a peaceful group of Occupy protesters with pepper spray as they sat, arms linked, in the campus quad. Most of us react in horror at what we saw, and at the absurdly dishonest explanations from the campus police chief. But some people think the protesters got what they deserved and even called for heavier-handed tactics.

Police officials – and these days, campus security guards have gained the power of full-fledged police officers, complete with those massive pensions and all the usual protections from accountability – claimed that the officer felt that his life was in danger when they he methodically walked down the line of protesters and assaulted them with the spray. "If you look at the video you are going to see that there were 200 people in that quad," said Chief Annette Spicuzza, who was placed on leave (i.e., additional paid vacation) Monday after a backlash against the brutality. "Hindsight is 20-20 and based on the situation we were sitting in, ultimately that was the decision that was made."

That's what police always say no matter the situation. But in this age of video, we can see for ourselves that the officers were in no danger. Multiple officers effortlessly moved in and around the protesters. The burly officer who sprayed the kids strutted slowly in front of them in a way that belies any sort of danger, real or perceived. He, too, was put on administrative leave after the video went viral, along with another officer. Without the video, you know what would have happened – nothing. The lies would have become the official record. This is why police officers have become zealous in their confiscation of video cameras and arrest of people who record them doing their jobs.


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Comment by Kane Bittner
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Blah, blah, blah.  What you all better wake up to (imho) is the fact that the "police" are simply pawns (tools) of the banksters who are robbing us all blind.  There is going to come a day  (in the very near future I'm afraid) when the "I was just following orders" (remember that one?) isn't going to cut it!  As to the banksters???  there's going to be a bounty on them before it's all over!!

The cosmic joke is that once the economy crashes, all those dollars they've stolen are going to be worthless!  I can't wait to find one of them "out here" trying to eek out a living with the rest of us...I'll help him/her alright .  Oh...they think they can hide behind their "gated mansions" etc.  Gotta come out...sooner or later and people like me have long memories.  Remember "whack a mole"?  Maybe by then the cops will have awakened and figured out that they were "persecuting" the wrong people!  It's the banksters they should be going after right now!

Just sayin...

Comment by Raymond White
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The comments of the Sheeple who believe in the abuse of "Police Power", are a stark reminder of the people who cried for the death of Jesus. The man had done no Harm, which is an essential element of a "Crime". These same Sheeple were in the crowd consenting to the roundup of innocent Jews by the Nazi's, as well. They presume that the people are the "Property of the State". They will richly deserve the Slavery they condone. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Plenty of people cheered the Kent State shootings and ignored the Jackson State shootings.  Brutal tyranny has many supporters...until their families are involved.

Comment by Bernard Earlington
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What bothers me is this almost spontaneous reaction to project no-big-deal incidents like this as an opportunity to lambaste the Government, humiliate our law enforcement officers and demean their exemplary police works. True, there are good and bad cops. But those who support "street thugs" had distorted this incident to extreme proportion!

I have covered a lot of brutal murder cases and had reported police incompetence in handling evidence, but to treat them worse than the criminals they are trying to catch and bring to justice I think is sick.

Comment by Anonymous
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Anarchists and police-haters naturally are on the side of street thugs. While violent anarchists, police-haters and anti-Government ax-wielders side with street thugs, Conservatives and peaceful right-thinking citizens of this country side with our law enforces who risk their lives everyday for doing a job well done!

Here is a commendable police work well done! They deserved their well-earned paid vacation. Sour grapes shouldn’t disturb them at all!

In this pepper-spray incident of barricading students who defied police warning to step aside, the Police did their job well as what the public wanted them to do – maintain order. Rebellious students barricaded the place with their human body to obstruct police from going after the other unruly student protesters. The police warned that they would be pepper-sprayed if they wouldn’t step aside. Instead, the sit-down protest barricaders taunted the police – what else must the police do but pepper-spray them?

The reporter said those young trouble-makers were lucky because what was sprayed on them was not a spray of bullets like what happened in "the Kent State massacre of 1970"

The cross-eyed called this necessary soft-glove police action some kind of police viciousness or cruelty … they believe "we live in a fascist police state". This anti-Government-police outrage of young radicals in the campus is totally misplaced!

Anti-government lampooners and cop-head-hunters took this opportunity to print a distorted hostile reaction to the incident. The innuendo they are badmouthing is that we live in a fascist police state. Nothing is farther from the truth. We live in a state where the police and law enforcers are tasked by law to maintain peace and order! In this incident, they did well and fair play demands that those peace officers should be commended. No death or serious injury was reported, and they deserved more than just a paid vacation.


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