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John F. Kennedy Opposed Israel’s Power

In the thought provoking book, They Dare to Speak Out by Paul Findley we read on page 114 that during Kennedy’s campaign for president in 1960 he had a

meeting with some prominent Jews. Kennedy was very insulted when one of the Jews said they knew Kennedy’s campaign was in financial difficulty and that he and his Jewish friends would “help and help significantly” John Kennedy’s campaign if, as president, Kennedy “would allow them to set the course of Middle East policy over the next four years.” It was this meeting that made JFK want to work for a law that would have the U.S. Treasury pay a set and equal amount for all politicians running for president who secured a to be determined percentage of signatures of people supporting their campaign. He saw this as the only way to prevent the nightmare of today, which has not only the President, but the overwhelming majority of people in Congress bought and paid for by the very powerful Israeli lobby. Israel’s lobby is so strong that hardly any politician will disobey their orders regarding U.S. Middle East foreign policy. And that includes starting wars, such as the war in Iraq, which benefit Israel and harm America and the rest of the world.

In Seymour Hersh’s insightful book, The Samson Option, which addresses Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal, Hersh covers John Kennedy’s fight to stop Israel’s nuclear proliferation. He writes that Kennedy was “fixated” on stopping the Jewish state’s nuclear build up.


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As powerful as your article is, please distinguish for Americans how these so-called AshkeNAZI  "Jews" (many Russian/Lithuanian and Ukranian based) who dominate in America today as well as in terrorist based  ISRAEL are The Vatican-sponsored "counterfeit" 'Jews' of Revelation 2:9 and 3:90NAZI JEWS for profit.  So do not hate bloodline Jews as a whole, just understand, please, how the identity has been DELIBERATELY HIJACKED by evil powers that by through intermarriage and social control through dogmatic RELIGION might have some nuclear TRUTH.  Many true authentic bloodline Jews as myself, do not capitalize on being Jewish ..... as Christians... it is the Zionist Jew that is a red flag to dangerously racists-capitalizing upon Jew-wish Supremacism as a counterfeit race/religion that no one can even define or identify today.

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Great article.  I didn't know this.  Thanks for posting it.  Also, he passed the 1961 Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to protect us because of malevolent intentions of Russian Jews in particular (from Khazar-Turkic descent allied within Meyer Lanskey global mafia/Jesuit/Britain Royalty supported).  Their monopoly on Hollywood points the finger at the Italians when it is counterfeit Jews who are athiest basically, as the article states.  It is obvious from their behavior that they do not believe in accountability in an after life.

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