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Will U.S. Protesters Be Treated As Terrorists?


More and more lately, it seems I find myself asking the question just how and when the ‘Occupy’ protesters in the U.S. will be considered a threat to America’s Homeland Security? And then of course, treated as such.

Surely I am not off in the wilderness in literally feeling such an eventuality seems all but inevitable? It’s hard for one in fact, not to imagine that our Federal Government’s outrageously overzealous “If You See Something, Say Something!” campaign has been perfectly tailored to include those who are presently demonstrating in the streets of America against economic injustice and inequality.

After all, aren’t explosive devices or chemical agents small and powerful enough to fit neatly into some ‘hippy’ backpack these days?

Naturally, the line of thought here embarked upon vis-à-vis a government so eagerly paranoid to keep Americans safe and increasingly hell-bent on conducting witch hunt-like, intrusive domestic counter-terrorism policies; not to mention, being overly enthralled with its own Military Industrial Complex, leads one to further postulate that there are at least a few pesky laws in place to protect an individual’s right to free speech and/or constitutional civil liberties, which very well might be evaded or suspended by politicians or police, should fiscal threats to certain corrupt folks in lofty positions of money and power morph into ‘national security’ issues.


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