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ATF gun probe: Behind the fall of Operation Fast and Furious

• Arizona Republic

When the National Rifle Association launched a TV ad campaign this month to have Attorney General Eric Holder fired, it culminated a political frenzy over a once-obscure Arizona gun-smuggling case.

Operation Fast and Furious, which allowed hundreds of weapons to cross the border in hopes of catching Mexican drug kingpins, wound up increasing the firepower of cartels without getting any key players.

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Comment by James17
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I don't own a gun, but even I can see that this is a set up by the US government to further along the agenda to do away with the right to bear Arms. I don't know how they will bring it about and I don't expect any of you reading this will know either. Something bigger will trigger the excuse to do away with the second amendment, and I bet anyone reading this, that this is just a stepping stone to further their cause to take that freedom away from the American public. I hope for one thing, that none of you that do own fire arms will not give them up for any reason. If we are now having such things as S. 1867, then that is my hope that some of you out there will be making sure that one or two less of those people that intend to force such a law will not be going home and their families will be felling the same pain that is be inflicted upon the people of this nation.