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Arizona police vow probe into bloody arrest of grandfather at Walmart

An Arizona police department will conduct an investigation into the bloody arrest of a 54-year-old grandfather during a Black Friday sale at a Walmart, an assistant police chief said Saturday.

Jerald Newman, 54, was released Saturday from a Maricopa County jail, his wife, Pamela, told CNN. He has been charged with resisting arrest and shoplifting.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      Whats a thug to do? Seems as though a guy just can't beat the shit out of anyone he wants, without someone complaining.

       Why am I not ready about this gestapo agent being suspended, prior to being charged with - at least - assault and battery? Oh, yea...I forgot...This is Arizona!

        You get what you pay for, when it comes to law enforcement. If you don't "hire" a sheriff or chief who is a decent, honorable, and capable professional, you get a department of "careerist" thugs and mentally unstable misfits. If you don't train cowards to defend themselves properly, you get the first component of the REAL FIGHT OR FLIGHT response:  FRIGHT! That's right, there should be three...At least that's what I've taught for 25 years. Panic and uncertainty lead to out-of-control responses that ate usually violent and over-reaching. If, of course, the responding "officer" is a fool and a punk, all the training inthe world won't change his/her likely abusive use of force.

      Again, since cops get away with murder in Arizona, Arizona's cops aren't likely to resist the tendency to over-react or "go nuclear". Look for many, many more abuses, in the future.  

Comment by Hawkeye
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Right! That would be like "Holder" investigating "Gun Runner".