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Supreme Court declines to clarify gun rights question

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The US Supreme Court declined Monday to take up a potentially important gun rights case examining whether a federal regulation banning loaded firearms from vehicles in a government park violated the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Lawyers for a Virginia man had asked the justices to examine a question left largely unresolved in the high court’s two prior landmark rulings identifying the scope and substance of Second Amendment protections. The question is: Does the Second Amendment guarantee a right to bear arms in public for personal protection?

The court dismissed the case in a one-line order without comment. The action leaves lower court rulings intact and postpones the prospect of high court clarification on a key gun rights issue.

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Comment by Carrie Taranova
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 The US Supreme Court has NO Constitutional permission to decide laws for the states - that is STATE BUSINESS, not DC business.  DC cannot Constitutionally interfere in any state affairs or laws. It is Treason if they do !  Each state is its own nation and the only Supreme Court case they can take concerning the states is if one state has a tiff with another state.  But they cannot interfere in state laws or internal affairs of the states and they (nor anyone in DC) make laws for any state.  Time the public learn the REAL TRUE laws of this country - not the stuff that comes out of DC !  They create "law' to suit their own agenda of full OWG control !  No matter what so-called "laws" they create are NOT over the states as DC has no legal authority outside of their own DC borders !  Most governors do not even realize this today ! Educate them !

NO DC Federal entity has any right to even be IN any state much less operate in it or  control or dictate to it !