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How is that Packing for Guantanamo Coming? Primary Obama in the GOP

• Ruth Hull, OpedNews
We, the grass roots Democrats, have begged our leaders to challenge Obama, but they are either distracted by dirty tricks aimed at removing their Congressional districts or by their own lack of certain organs required for giving them courage.

Now all but three Senate Democrats (Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, and Tom Harken, four if you count Socialist Bernie Sanders) have voted to let Obama and future Republican Presidents haul your progeny, yourselves and your parents off to Guantanamo without charges or trial and to detain you and your loved ones for life.   Check the vote on the Defense Appropriations (World Battlefield/Detention) Act, number 218 in the current Senate roll call votes.  One source is

Barack Obama himself repeatedly voted to renew the PATRIOT Act and to give the Secretary of Homeland Security the right and authority to be above all laws, including murder, rape and terrorism (see Real ID act, section 102).    

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