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Armed and Ready: New Mexico Residents Defy Government


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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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A FRIEND OF MINE SAID THE A LOT OF STUFF WAS STOLEN AND TAKEN TO  NORTH KOREA DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS  the name bill richardson who was in charge of the atomic regulatory  commision when his cousin bill clinton was president and that he made many trips when he was governor to north korea when he went to see his buddy the child molester and cannibal kim puke ill 

as for the good guy winning we have to take back this state from the illegals and tllicit govt dogs

Comment by Anonymous
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They did however, with the help of University of California I believe it was obtain re-assignment to the case and managed to get at least 35 to 30 criminals arrested and charged despite the laboratories concern for their ability to secure future governmental contracts.

Comment by Anonymous
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Research Implosion at Los Alamos, Glen Walp and Steve Doran.  You will see how corrupt this State is where police don't want to get involved because their lives will ultimately be destroyed and they know it.  It identifies stolen vials of advance explosive technology and 400 MILLION DOLLARS of property embezzeled alone.   This includes over 400 computers with possible top secret nuclear technologies included.  They were featured on Bill O-Reilly.  That is how prominent is was and how huge it was, although it was ultimately subverted.    Jason Shelton 4409 and Ernie wouldn't be interested in sharing this with you though.  It wouldn't serve their personal interests.  Renee Houlihan included. 

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Again for the umpteenth  time ... where the fuck is the useless country sheriff in this deal?

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