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Beck Doesn’t Hold Back in Gingrich Interview: Tough Questions on...


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Kim Dyer here:  Glen Beck is a Mormon shill.  A Hollywood WHORE.  The Mormons will pull anything to get Romney in.  It is part of their "prophecy" in their "secret combinations" racketeering with the royal crown and Vatican.  What do you want to bet that Romney's selling harddrive scandals is related to Implosion at Los Alamos scandal, and/or healthcare fraud?  The Mormon Church is a front for NAZI profiteering.  They even admit that skin color matters in their own "scripture."   What kind of church uses USURY (BANKING FOR PROFIT BUSINESS) WHEN THE BIBLE FORBITS IT and does so in Jesus's name on the front, and is Luciferian in its' modern-day Masonic temples?  (There is a reason what you do in the temple is secret).  I know.  I went through the ceremonies several times, found it satanic at 19).  Do even more so today, and I am not alone in this.