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The Orwellian 'Non-Lethal' War Waged Against Peaceful Citizens

Non-lethal weapons are being distributed by the West into protest zones throughout the world, as well as being utilized in crowd suppression within the borders of the Land of the Free.

The producers of weapons such as rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray are quick to point out that it is not the weapons themselves that are the cause of fatalities, but rather it is their misuse through faulty training.  The Orwellian nature of such a statement is staggering, as the admission of lethality is actually buried in the justification.  In fact, one of the main manufacturers, NonLethal Technologies Inc., states in their own search description that they are a "Manufacturer of Less-Lethal riot and crowd control products."  Less-lethal is not non-lethal.  Moreover, it seems disingenuous that major players in the military-industrial complex, which has been quite lethal to a large number of nations and peoples, should themselves be developers of supposedly non-lethal technology.

There is also emerging evidence from the front lines of Egyptian protesters, and the medics treating them, that these non-lethal weapons have increased in strength and lethality as Egypt enters its second revolution and the protester death toll rises. So, if these weapons are promoted as non-lethal, why are so many people dying?

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