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'Isolationism' is slur against noninterventionists


Commentary from the liberterrain…

"Ron Paul is an isolationist, I get it," declared Sean Hannity on his radio talk show following the November 22 GOP debate that focused on foreign policy.

In eight simple words Hannity unknowingly confessed that he doesn't get it.

Or, far more likely, he knowingly joined the chickenhawk left and neocon right in using the isolationist label as a slur against peaceful, freedom-loving, non empire-building, non world-policing, non-warmongering, decent Americans.

The isolationist smear is intended to conjure up the cartoon image of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand, a cliché for people who think no evil will befall them if they just refuse to see it coming.

CNN's website also used the isolationist canard in its post-debate article by saying, "Paul took on the role of the lonely isolationist throughout the debate."


Ron Paul, like Thomas Jefferson and modern libertarians, is a noninterventionist.

To understand how that differs from head-in-the-sand isolationism simply refer to this oft-quoted quote from America's third president:


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