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Ron Paul runs edgy new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire

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Ron Paul's presidential campaign released a comparatively edgy new ad Monday that will air on local and cable networks across Iowa and New Hampshire. The spot touts Paul's call to cut a trillion dollars from federal budget in his first year in office.

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Comment by Venancio Tan
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H. Skip Robinson: "If Ron Paul does not win, it just shows how poorly educated in economics Americans are."

What do you mean "If Ron Paul does not win …" Of course he will never win …he will win, only perhaps when the crow turns white.

Because it is impossible for him to win, you believe it is because the American people are "poorly educated in economics"? Just because the crow can never turn white, it is the fault of the American people that the crow remains black? Where in hell did you get


You better get this straight: Ron Paul is NO Adam Smith, and he is NO Thomas Paine, not even a hair of comparison. Americans like me get pissed off if you insult our forebears by comparing them to Ron Paul who faults this great nation for international terrorism, wants to abolish the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, etc. Don’t let these great men stir in their grave for such ignorance.

Economaniacs are born everyday. They pretend to know economics, and call those with Ph.D. in Economics, ignorant. Just to state these facts and wake you up to reality with no offense intended, you are in fact one of them – this is just saying and writing down the truth.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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Okay, ok … calm down .. don’t saddle your crap on me. As I said many times before, this much-touted Ron Paul campaign is all about raising money that either goes to pockets or politics. The more "edgy" ads are, the more money is raised. Let the "fans" have some fun while it lasted.

Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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Venancio Tan,

If Ron Paul does not win, it just shows how poorly educated in economics Americans are. They failed to read and understand Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" and Thomas Paine's "Common Sence" the primary economic contributors to the Industrial Revolution and the dismantaling of most of the Monarchs of Europe. I agree that Government is a myth but the free market philosophies of Ron Paul and other Austrians is what has done most for the world.    

Comment by Richard Harding
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All of you missed the whole point. Charles Manson believes in Reincarnation. He is convinced that he was once a Pharaoh of Egypt. When Manson can claim he was once King of Egypt, why can’t Ron Paul dream he is President of the United States?

This is a free country. Listen to his supporters’ arguments why they truly believe he can be President of the United States. All of you listen to me: Are you deaf? Ron Paul for 2012!

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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Mr. Tan, you can suggest to Ron Paul that "If" he is president, he should abolish death – I mean debt, so that everybody will be happy. That is dirt in my economic database. I want it wiped out clean like my Grandma’s gleaming white teeth after these are soaked overnight in a solution of Effervescent Denture Cleanser tablets.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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He is NOT even a big dog... he is NEVER a big dog in the Republican Party. To the GOP, he is just a yapping Chihuahua.

This is a useless advertisement, a waste of time and money. Only fools will buy it. IF elected president, IF Ron Paul is in the White House sitting in the Oval Office as President, he promised a $1 trillion budget cut in his first year in office, there will be no Departments of Education, Interior, Energy, Commerce, Federal Reserves and IRS. Why, the guy won’t even be there … he could never be there. As usual, wait untill he drops out.

Since he himself knew that he could never be there, why not talk big like crazy? He can talk anything impossible! He can even say that when he is president he is going to abolish Congress, amend the law of supply and demand, hang Bernanke upside down his empty head touching an anthill and send all Justices of the Supreme Court to jail and still there will be some crazy people cheering him. I think he enjoys what he is doing. No offense intended, but I suspect he is laughing in private.

Comment by Ed Price
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If Ron Paul gets in, and makes the kinds of budget cuts in the ad, and reduces big military as well, there won't be any need for the Federal Reserve Bank to loan money to the people or Government any longer. Why? People and Government will keep more of the money that they have. They won't need to borrow more.

No Federal Reserve means increased employment, industry, wages, and all kinds of good things for all people in America.

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