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War on Christmas: let's set the record straight on constitutional authority

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Christmas is under attack by atheists and others. The courts have ruled erroneously on the First Amendment and seized control of religion when in fact the Constitution gives Congress the authority over matters of religion.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Back in the days when the Constitution was penned, and for a few decades following, Bible believing Christians held worship services here and there, in public Federal Government buildings. How could they have been so short-sighted or hypocritical as to not follow their own 1st Amendment? Here's how:

1. There virtually weren't any other religions practiced large-scale in the colonies - states;
2. The whole body of "leaders" practiced this religion - Bible Christianity - although they may have had other religions besides... Masonry for example;
3. Bible Christianity wasn't only considered religion back then. It was also considered reality.

Now days, when we have so many religions raising their heads, let's consider reality. For example, Evolution is about as far from reality as you can get. After all, the fundamental, underlying premise of Evolution - its basis - is the notion of "random" selection.

Now, the terms "random" and "selection" are opposites; they are oxy-morons with regard to one another. Any scientist worth his salt recognizes that there is no such thing as pure "random," the kind of random that would be needed to have such a thing as Evolution. Pure random simply does not exist - at least as far as any scientist has been able to determine. Everything operates through cause and effect, action and reaction... not random. No random, no Evolution. Rather, a Causer, or Designer.

Since our modern day, public, political understanding of "religion" is pointed more in the direction of "mythology" than reality, what are we really talking about when we say religion? Perhaps not Evolution, but certainly not reality... except to those who believe a particular religion to be reality. Yet, because of what Evolution is and is not, it falls into a class much nearer religion than reality.

So, lets get the religion of Evolution out of Government, the schools, the universities, and everywhere else that it is practiced as reality. And let's put it entirely into the class of modern day religion where it belongs. Then, let's get back to the religion that is closest to reality, Bible Christianity, like the founders of the nation did way back in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Comment by Leslie Fish
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Of all the dumb crusades to waste our time, energy and money on, this has to take the cake!  Look, there's no "war on Christmas", only some fools who don't know how to apply common sense.  The only thing the law "mandates" is the very first phrase of the very first sentence of the very first amendment to the Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".  What that means is that the government and the law shall not play favorites among religions;  in other words, whatever the law allows or forbids to any one religion it must equally allow or forbid to all of them  -- every last one.  For example, if a town puts up a creche in a public (taxpayers' money) park, it must likewise put up a menorah, a Santa display, something about Kwansaa, and symbols of everybody else's seasonal celebration. 

Same deal with prayers in the schools:  all or nothing.  Yes, a lot of lazy school principals, city governments and others have decided that it's cheaper and easier to choose "nothing".  What we should be doing is demanding "everything"!  Our public schools should be teaching courses on "Religions of the World", covering every known religion on Earth.. 

Likewise with public seasonal displays.  If the atheists are annoyed, tell them to put up a display of The Twelve Points of Atheism.  If the Muslims claim they're "offended" by displays of everybody else's religions, tell them to go right ahead and be offended if they want to.  If the Satanists slyly insist that they have a right to a seasonal display too, give them a corner of the park and remind them of the laws against public obscenity, hate-speech and incitement-to-crime.  In other words, everybody gets an equal share of the action and nobody gets to suppress anybody else.

And if some fool store-manager puts up nothing but signs saying "Happy Holidays", present him with a big banner saying "Merry Xmas", "Happy Hannukahn", "Jolly Solstice", "Joyful Kwansaa", and anything else you can find, and give it to him for free.










Comment by Matt Sch
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Christmas is about presents, wtf is he going on about. lol