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Local Grain Storage Bins Being GPSed


(Publisher: We reported this back in May of 2011... just a reminder)

May 17, 2011


Talked with a local farmer. They had applied for a local building permit to build a grain storage bin on their farm. Within a few days a woman shows up with a GPS unit and is GPSing where the grain bin is being built. She also GPSed the 2 other storage bins while she was there. She said it was so that in an emergency, the government would know where all the grain is at so they could take control of it. Is anyone else across the country reporting this?



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Comment by Ed Price
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Burney Brushears, in his popular book, "Strategic Withdrawal," long ago compared the American people to the people of ancient Israel who were in bondage to the ancient Egyptians. The difference is that the American people accept their bondage blindly, wholeheartedly, thinking that they are receiving a benefit from it.

Comment by Darna Davis
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 wonder why the farmer was begging his master for permission to build on his own property? he just admitted to being a slave. love the newspeak --the government is going to take control in a 'emergency'. in other words 'thanks for working so hard to produce for your master slave, now he is going to steal what you produced.''. be a good slave and step aside for your betters.

the farmers get what they deserve. They beg permission and wonder why master intends to come steal everything they own? People wonder why the fema camps are now open for business? they wonder they their king obama declares the right to kill anyone he chooses, they wonder why their master has declared war on them and states they can and will be rounded up and jailed without trial? now their master claims ownership of all their resources including their food and livestock. He can do that because the average person has become part of the human herd, bovine in obedience. Sheeplike in lack of resistance. Now comes the feed lots and finally the slaughter. The cowardice of people will ensure that future comes about. Fearful of their master and what might be done to them if they resist so they go placidly to their government approved slaughter houses for rendering. makes no sense.

Comment by David McElroy
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 Stalin took control of grain also, destroying it so as to starve people into submission to the Soviet collective. He destroyed crops and barns, killed livestock to either feed the Red Army or rot in the fields. He killed many of the resisting farmers, or drove them off their lands to be interned. Yep, Uncle Sam wants a fix on all of our assets to continue the "shortages" caused by flooding our best farmlands along the Mississippi or cutting off the irrigation in California or Arizona or Oregon.  Of course, they remove huge tracts of land from potential production with the BLM or National Forest Service or some such ruse. Stock up on groceries, folks, and plant a garden and raise chickens. I do!

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