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When actual Rothschilds personally chime in to say you aren't leading the race,..perhaps you are

• David Rothschild / The Signal
The Matrix says give up,...blah, blah, blah,...drivel, drivel, drivel, have no chance,...etc.

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Comment by Ed Price
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As much as I fear the removal of our present form of Government, because the alternative might be even worse, I would have to agree with Ernie. When a nation becomes as diversified in opinions, ideals and population as ours has become, there is no way that 250 jokers in Congress can be anyone's representative. That's probably the reason most of them are out to make money as politicians. They get into Government and find out that they aren't really representing anyone but themselves.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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If Ron Paul is only supported by an "unrepresentative segment" here and an "unrepresentative segment" there, there and there,... then pretty soon your... unanimous

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