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FOX's Debate Moderator Chris Wallace: Iowa ‘won’t count’ if Ron Paul wins

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Fox News host Chris Wallace doesn’t want Republicans to go wasting their votes on Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign.

Wallace, who is moderating a Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto on Wednesday that a Paul win would “discredit” the Iowa caucuses.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      Ron Paul scare the hell out of BOTH parties:  If he's for real, and I believe that both parties believe he is, he would screw with their playhouse to the point of dismantling their free-ride. If he doesn't do anything but expose the perverse exploitation of the economy, and the lives of every citizen of the United States, he will pose a massive threat to the power base of the world-at-large. (It's doubtful that he will be forgiven - allowed. If you recall, John Kennedy thought he was actually President.)

     I'd say that Mr. Paul is either very brave or very stupid. we should all wish him good luck and God speed.


Comment by Ken Owens
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 And you Mr. Wallace are a "discredit" to journalism and truthfulness!


Comment by Car Penter
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 Ron Paul is the dream come true! If "they" play their cards right Ron Paul will be the new ROSS PEROT. He is the guy "they" want to be the last man standing.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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As long as "crazies" are out of the discussion and space is available [not taken by those whose bitterness needs medical attention], Ron Paul supporters may wake up to reality and accept the truth that their idol will not be permitted by the GOP to run as the Republican Party's candidate for president.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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Tom W., you are quite late in knowing what’s going on lately. It is the OTHER way around: Conservatives are leaving the GOP in the event that the crow turns white and Ron Paul is nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate for president! These are conservative opportunists joining the ranks of Liberals who will surely be in power after the 2012 presidential election because Obama will definitely win against Ron Paul hands down [if GOP decides to make him a candidate for president]. No amount of vicious Ad Hominem will ever change this course.

They CANNOT accept this damning reality that Ron Paul will NEVER, NEVER be a GOP candidate for president!

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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It is dirty to say that if Ron Paul wins it would shame the people of Iowa. But Iowans would even look dirtier if they make Ron Paul the Republican Party’s candidate for president. That would put dirt on the GOP’s name. Americans will no longer respect Lincoln’s long revered political party if it looks dirty.

Although my mind is not for Ron Paul but my heart is, I have given up hope that he will ever be the GOP candidate for president, judging from how the American electorates described him as “unelectable”, and from how the Media blatantly “ignores” him, and how the GOP treats him as an “outsidere”.



Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Venancio Tan - is this why Obama democrats are leaving the democratic party to join the republican party to vote for Ron Paul?

Comment by Venancio Tan
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The American people across the country [ I am one of them] are  thanking Chris Wallace for stating the truth … GOP WILL NEVER, NEVER make Ron Paul the Republican standard bearer in the coming 2012 presidential election or in ANY presidential election … NEVER! It will be a political suicide. You might as well declare Obama the winner right now!


People in the mental sanctuary may run the Ron Paul campaign just for raising money to put into their pocket, but they do not run the GOP. All these so-called “supports” for Ron Paul published in the Media are just for the money!  They knew that Ron Paul could become the GOP’s candidate for president as I said, ONLY WHEN THE CROW TURNS WHITE! I have already explained a million times why he is an “unelectable” candidate for president.


If the Republican Party makes Ron Paul candidate for president, it will be like putting a noose around the neck of GOP ready to hang itself. The Republican Party will disintegrate out of total embarrassment; it will die out of shame!


That’s why in those caucuses, a vote for Ron Paul DOES NOT COUNT in so far as the GOP leadership is concerned. As far as Ron Paul is concerned, it doesn’t matter what the polls say. Ron Paul COULD NOT WIN the GOP presidential nomination even when the whole population of the dead in Iowa will rise from their graves and vote for him!


You cannot fault debate moderator Chris Wallace for stating the truth. Ron Paul’s rah- rah boys will always blame Americans if he doesn’t win.  One of Ron Paul’s followers said: If Ron Paul does not win, it just shows how poorly educated in economics Americans are.”  Who are they fooling around other than themselves?


Now, don’t fool yourself like how they are fooling themselves! You might lose your self-respect too, and most of all, your sanity!




Comment by Ed Vallejo
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HEY CHRIS!  How much did North Face PAY you to wear their junk on camera!?!

The good people of Iowa should be telling this asshat that what he is really saying is a Paul win would discredit the People of Iowa!  SHAME SHAME SHAME 

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