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French Mitt Romney

The ad consists entirely of footage of Mitt Romney speaking French with text transcripts scrolling below of actual quotes from Romney endorsing liberal positions on abortion rights, gay rights, global warming, gun control and state-run mandated healthcare. Citations and a full transcript can be found at

AmericanLP founder TJ Walker explained the ad:

"The quotes running in the ad appear to be actual transcripts of Romney speaking in a current political TV ad, but they are actually out-of-context quotes from Romney collected over the years. But if it's one thing we know about Mitt Romney, he whole-heartedly approves of using out of context quotes in political advertising. In fact, belief in out-of-context advertising appears to be the only political principle Romney has NOT flip flopped on, so we're sure he will love this ad."

Walker continued, "This ad is payback for Republicans mocking John Kerry for his French-speaking abilities in ads like this one in 2004 Let's face it, since 2000, the Republican Party has become the "Stupid Party" and nothing says 'hoity-toity elitist intellectual' like the ability to speak French."

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Comment by Anonymous
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In my experience with the Mormon Church (A BANKING masonic corporation) I was married to a return missionary, who served his mission at the Illuminati headquarters:  Belgium, France, as an accomplished musician and doctor,  the  Illuminati (counterfeit Jew-wish/Mormon/ Catholic/Crown alliance-"converted-NOT bloodline- 'Jews'" hijacked the identity under their control as Pharisee moneychangers aka Khazarian empire -research Jack Otto, YouTube-...  ) Illuminati being this counterfeit Jewish mafia (e.g. Meyer Lansky) under the Church/BANKING/Global alliance to the Crown, Catholic and Mormon churches include-Crown being the global banking capitol.)  Although I voluntarily put myself through 4 years of graduate school supporting this moral degenerate who speaks fluent french (from a Mormon mission) .  It was a very negative, draining, demoralizing experience.  I was taught that like the Muslims, I would be one of thousands of "wives"... in HIS eternal godship, pagan worship..  They in banking are allied to the corrupt vatican/Crown -finance world capitol political/financial/sociological relationship.  Mitt is a wolf in sheeps clothing that at best got his money from Healthcare fraud that I allege lawyer Brett Landrith exposed his relationship to Jeb Bush and healthcare fraud in his "help" to Americans in the healthcare misappropriation of funds.  HUGE funds.  The counterfeit "Jewish" Illuminati mafia,   "Jew-wish Kings men allied to and working for Roman Pharisees of the Vatican for centuries... for profit... yes, MONEYCHANGERS..." (See Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) are more powerful today than ever (Kennedy passed 1961 RICO Act to protect us from this evil).  The Belgium Illuminati headquarters (Vatican in disguise as Jewish authority/mafia for hire (kings men-research Khazarian Empire/Jack Otto on YouTube).  Banking is key, churches involved in banking is paramount.  The Crown being the world banking headquarters and financial capitol:  marterialism is satanism, thus, the crown seat of satanism.  The Vatican IS THE JEW-WISH (counterfeit JEW of Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) mafia.  These are counterfeit pawns from their perpetration of Nazi Germany that are held hostage by the Vatican Jesuits of Rome... Lords of global organized crime, political saviors of their money laundering banks in  Europe, inquisition of the Knights Templar banking order as noble knights of Christ inquisitioned and hijacked, freemasonry included... by the Vatican Jesuit.  It all goes back to the Jesuit.  IT ALWAYS GOES BACK TO THE JESUIT OF ROME POLITICALLY AND RELIGIOSLY.... Profiting from CREATING JEWISH HATRED, WITH COUNTERFEIT KINGS MEN FOR HIRE WHO WERE HIJACKED BY CULTURE INTO SATANIC "JEWERY"... THAT ALLOWED FOR BANKING MONOPOLIES (Through Rockefeller and Rothschilds) THAT THEY ARE USING TODAY TO BRING US ALL TO OUR KNEES, WORLD-WIDE. 

Jesus is our savior.  The sooner you figure this out, do the research, the better off we all are.  Please do the homework.  Kim Dyer xoxo

Comment by TJm Walker
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Thank you for posting my ad.

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