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State police defy order to release Lt. Gov. Tim Murray crash data

• Boston Herald

State police must release the black-box data from the unmarked Crown Victoria cruiser Lt. Gov. Tim Murray crashed when he said he was going for coffee and surveying storm damage before dawn last month, the secretary of state’s office has ruled in response to a Herald public-records appeal.

But state police officials refused to turn the information over to the Herald yesterday and maintained their original position — that retrieving the data was an “unnecessary step” in the now-closed investigation and that it would give the public a misleading view of the crash.


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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
Entered on:

Just more validation of the police gun totin thug states we now live in.

"We ain't got to show you no stinkin badges."

Comment by David Jackson
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      Follow me on this:  If there was nothing incriminating on the "box" recording, they would have probably turned it over, instantly. No matter what happened, what should have happened is that thee shouldn't have been the slightest hesitation.

     I know cops hate this stuff, but, inspite of their best efforts to convince us that they are exempt and oh so special, cops are actually "civilians" - menaing first of all that they never were soldiers or attached to the military, "yet" - and are subject to the same statutory constraints as all the rest of us. It's time to stop this shit! They are not doing the job they pretend to "want" to do; they are so poorly trained as to not be able to perform reasonable "real" protection and service; they are not legally required to do much of anything, except "keep the economy going"; they are mostly a tired joke - no disrepsect to the 10% who ARE professionals; they will do pretty much whatever they are told by the politicians who "own" them; and, when push comes to shove, citizens don't mean crap to the criminal justice system - with a few exceptions for the occaisional jusdge, prosecutor, or cop who does the best (s)he can to maintain an honorable persona.

     There is almost no accountability in law enforcement, because the people whose job it is to make accountability and responsibility a part of the job don't possess the character, sills, nor inclination to do their part. Bottom line: They are incompetent, self-serving assholes, who won't (can't) do the jobs they pretend to be able to do. They are so inept - and know it - that they aren't about to discipline those under them, for risk of admitting they are pretensous failures. It's going to get much worse, long before it ever improves.

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